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The DAS (Direct Access) course is designed for those who have passed their CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), are over 24 years of age and wish to take their full motorcycle license. 

The course includes 12 hours of training, which can be done whenever suits. This can be done over the space of a week or longer if necessary and payment can be made to suit your needs.. If further training is required this would be charged additionally to the 12 hours included within the course. To complete module one you must of passed your Theory and Hazard Perception Test which is your responsibility to book. 

Davies Motorcycle Training Centre will provide the motorcycle, Jacket (size range S - XL) and helmet. The practical test will be on a motorbike of at least 40 kW (53.6 bhp) and would then enable you to ride any size motorcycle you wish. 

To take this motorbike course you must provide your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate, your drivers licence and proof of passed theory test.


The course consists of 2 modules which are booked separately: 

1. DVSA Module 1 consists of off road low and high speed control manoeuvres

2. DVSA Module 2 consists of a road ride and test of different traffic situations lasting around 40 minutes

Once we is happy with your progress, he will book your practical test for you, take you to the motorbike test centre and bring you back to the motorbike training centre. 

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